How to set up Starlink in 2023

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How to set up Starlink

In some areas of America, the internet connection is so poor. To overcome this problem starlink is introduced. In this guide, we have discussed in detail how to set up Starlink and which type of Starlink is more beneficial Starlink standard vs high performance. To get all the information about the installation and setting of Starlink read the following guide carefully. 

There is no package for installing this app. After installation, you have to pay for the equipment you need for Starlink setup. The cost of the equipment depends upon the type of Starlink you are selecting.

How to set up Starlink?

It’s not too difficult to set up Starlink you can do it by yourself with just a little effort and also can take the help of the professionals. Following are the steps required to set up Starlink. 

  1. Unbox the equipment
  2. Install Starlink app
  3. Join dish and stand
  4. Find a suitable place for the dish
  5. Mount the dish in the right place

Unboxing the equipment:

After selecting the equipment, you have to pay the amount of equipment by placing your order. You receive your order after some days. When you receive your order next step is to unbox it and check which things are present. Make sure nothing is missing. Starlink kits usually consist of the following items:

  • An antenna 
  • Base 
  • Wi-Fi router 
  • AC power cable 
  • 50 ft cable 

If something from the above-mentioned items is missing u can return the box and report it. 

Install the app and make other settings:

When you have received your equipment next step is to install the Starlink app on your phone so that you can connect it. After that, assemble the dish and find the spot where your dish catches the best signal. Finding the best signal-strength app will help you. So, open the app on your mobile and see where it shows strong signal strength and fix it at that place. If you can’t find the best spot then you just make all the connections the antenna will move automatically where it gets the best signals. At last, after mounting the dish, connect the cables from the dish to the router and then the router with the power. David Allan Coe Net Worth in 2023.

Starlink Standard vs High-performance:

There are commonly two types of starlinks: standard starlinks and high-performance starlinks.

Many people ask which type of Starlink is more suitable for them. So, read the differences between both types of Starlink so that you can decide which type of Starlink is suitable for you. New Siri Remote for Apple TV Seemingly Referenced in iOS 16 Beta

Standard Starlink:

Standard Starlink is mainly designed for use in homes. It is certified by IP54 and it is not more efficient for business use. Both standard and high-performance Starlink have the feature of self-orienting, this feature is helpful in finding the best signal. It costs almost $599 and its kit consists of the following items:

  • The Standard Starlink dish
  • A base stand for the dish
  • The Starlink wireless router
  • A 50-foot Starlink cable
  • A 6-foot power cable

High-performance Starlink:

This type of Starlink is mainly designed for business use. It is IP56 certified because of which its water resistance is much better than the standard one. Its cost is more than the standard as it provides high performance as compared to the standard Starlink. It costs $2,500 and its kit consists of the following things:

  • The High-Performance Starlink dish
  • A base for the dish
  • A power supply
  • The Starlink wireless router
  • An 82-foot Starlink cable
  • A 16.5-foot Ethernet cable
  • A 6.5-foot router cable
  • Two 6-foot power cables
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