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Why My AC not blowing cold air?

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AC not blowing cold air

In summer without AC living is just like walking barefooted on the hot floor. What would you will you if your AC went out of order? Summer hot nights with sweating Aww! How disgusting it is. It will wholly create a mess. Not only for you for your beloved family and also your lovely pet. Many people complain that why my AC not blowing cold air. Ac is running but not blowing the cold air if you don’t know the reasons then you came to the right place. We will enlighten you on how you can fix your Ac at home. If those problems are there which I’m going to describe then you will able to fix them at your home. For what reasons I am going to the narrative, check them before calling a professional. So let’s begin!

The thermostat is not set at the right temperature:

After checking AC front PowerPoint seems well from all sides but still, my AC not blowing cold air then must check your AC thermostat temperature, it may not be set at the right temperature. So for setting the thermostat try to turn the dial down all the way, or try to push the buttons to the lowest setting and see if it trips the unit to run. If you are capable to examine the wiring of the thermostat then must ensure it also. Maybe after setting the temperature your AC will start working again. Read more about the 5 items you need in your bedroom as a grown-up.

Check Clogged Filter:

Most of the newish brand’s air conditioners have a built-in mechanism that closes the AC unit down if its filter is clogged. It is used to prevent damage and harm to the motor and also prevent overheating. May your clogged filter fill too much with dust that why it’s not allowing the airflow? So check your clogged filter and clean it if it is filled with dust. Read more about daily talk for interesting news.

Main Power Supply Setting:

It can be sound ordinary but if your AC is running but not blowing the cold air so please check that your AC is plugged correctly into the outlet, and the power cord is still intact. After checking the outlet and coed if they both are fine then check the electric panel. Maybe your electrical panel has an issue. Air conditioners use a big volume of electricity. So it may be possible that it blow your fuse or tripped a breaker. Some units have built-in overload switches, so please ensure yourself by checking them also before going to contact a professional.

Condensate Airflow Switch:

Some air conditions have an handle the content that trip the AC and shut it with when drainpipe back up the water If you see that switch is trip then after cleaning make your it that it is on or tripped

Ice Buildup:

Two reasons are there for ice buildup in your AC. First are coils or filters when it doesn’t permit the air for blowing or a shortage of refrigerant. So always keep clean your AC.  After cleaning the AC filter then might be your AC will again start blowing cold air. The easy way to melt ice buildup from your AC is to just run the fan with AC. It will melt very easily and quickly.

Check Compressor of AC:

Fully cover your compressor of AC in the winter season and clean it very carefully. In the winter season, you don’t use AC. It is only useful in summer. If you will not give severe attention to your AC compressor in the winter season and do not cover it very well then it will be caught by dust. Dust will generate issues when you use it in your summer season. If you can’t clean it so contact someone who has complete knowledge about it.

Refrigerant Temperature Levels:

If you have a question that why my AC not blowing cold air then it might be because you didn’t set the refrigerant level well. If you set it on slow then it will not blow the cold air then set the level according to the season.


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