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How to's
How do I Register on Lifeinlines ?
Click on Join LiL at the homepage, fill in the registration form and set privacy levels for your primary, contact and other information, and you are good to go.
Posting Channels
How do I post to LiL from the website ?
Go to the 'New Post' section on the 'My Life' page.
You can tag your moments by selecting location, mood and happiness level.
Select privacy level to share your moment with selected people.
To express your moment using photos, videos etc., you can attach files as a part of your post.
How do I post to LiL via email ?
Send an email to email to where abcd is a 4 character alphanumeric secret code for your personal access. Mails sent from any email id to this id ( will be posted to your lil page. For eg. send a mail to if snafu is your registered alias. You can edit the secret code through the Edit profile and settings section.
The subject line of the mail will become a custom tag.
You can attach files with your email to post them to LiL as attachments.
How do I post to LiL from Gtalk ?
Add your Gtalk id to your LiL a/c while registering or from the Edit Profile and Settings section. Add as a friend on your Gtalk messenger. Whatever message you send to this friend, will be posted to your LiL account.
How do I post to LiL via SMS ?
Be sure to add your mobile number to your LiL account while registering, or from the Edit Profile section.
To post, Send an SMS to +919748261594 (Regular SMS rates apply, no premium charges).
If your SMS is above 160 characters, your message will be broken into 2 or more posts.
How do I post to LiL via MMS ?
- Like you post via email, send an mms to your personal account at and it shall be posted to your account.
How do I record my voice - post through phone call ?
Be sure to add your mobile number to your LiL account while registering, or from the Edit Profile section.
Call up +91 33 40104160 from your registered phone and record the voice.
Follow the voice instruction to select privacy and happiness level. The voice/s will be posted to your lil page instantly.
How do I post pictures, audios or Videos to Lifeinlines ?
You can use the 'Attach files' link on the new post section to upload files as a part of your post.
Or, you can send these files as email attachments and they would be posted to your LiL account.
How do I Apply Location, Mood and Happiness tags when posting other than web ?
Please note that for mood and location other than what we have defined, the tags must be added to your LiL account to be accepted from the different input channels. You can define new tags in the Tags and Defaults Section.
For posting through email/Gtalk/SMS/MMS, use the following codes :
1 Location tag : Prefix location by the symbol @. For e.g. @home.
2 Mood tag : Prefix mood by the symbol #. For e.g. #excited.
3 Happiness : Select happiness level from 0 (miserable) to 9 (cloud nine). Prefix happiness level by the letter h. For e.g. h7.
4 Privacy level : Select one of the following privacy levels.
p1 for public
p2 for all friends
p3 for close friends
p4 for best friends
p5 for personal
spl for someone special
Sample posts
@college #chillled p1 Sleeping on a Monday morning is blissful.
@restaurant #excited p4 h8 Waiting for my date to turn up.
Tags are not compulsory. You can add one, more than one, all or none.
If you don't add a tag when posting, default tags will apply to that post.
Can I edit my posts later or change tags/privacy levels ?
Yes, just click on the edit link on the post, make the necessary changes and pin it up again. The post will still be published on the earlier timestamp only.
What is the privacy policy of ?
You can look at the detailed privacy policy here.
How do I define the level of access to each of my friends ?
On the Manage Friends page, you can give a friend a number of stars depending on how close you are to him/her.
2 Stars if an acquaintance
3 stars if it's a close friend
4 stars if it's the best friend
Select the heart if it's someone special.

Now, whenever you make a post, you can select the number of stars depending on whom you want to share the post with.
How does the layered privacy system work ?
Your Special Someone (heart) can see the posts with the heart.
Your Best Friends (4 stars) can see the posts with 1/2/3/4 stars.
Your Close Friends (3 stars) can see the posts with 1/2/3 stars.
Your Acquaintances (2 stars) can see the posts with 1/2 stars.
Public at large (1 star) can only see posts with 1 star
What does 'Someone Special' on the privacy mean? How does it work ?
'Someone Special' is a unique tag. You can add one or more people as 'Someone Special' by selecting the heart and when you make a post, and select the Heart, it would be shared with the person with that tag.

For example, If Sherry is a new 'acquaintance'(2 stars) that you're beginning to like, she may not become a close friend or best friend (3/4 stars), but you can still give her a special status and whatever you share with the 'heart', will be shared with her irrespective of how many stars she has.

In usage, I could assign a post 4 stars on privacy and the heart, so sherry will be able to see it even if she has only 2 stars.
How do I change the level of access to any of my friends ?
You can do so by going to the 'Manage Friends' section and changing the number of stars given to a person.
Can the site administrators see all my posts ?
All posts to LiL are stored in an encrypted format in our servers, which cannot be seen even by the site administrators.

An admin/owner can only see what you've personally shared with him after adding him as a friend.
Can my friends see what level of access I'm giving them ?
No, one can only see in a weekly mailer the total number of people taking him/her as the best friend/close friend or someone special.
Can I embed Youtube videos or other pictures on my LiL page ?
Most such sites have a code to embed the video or other content on your blog or webpage. You can just copy and paste that code in your lil post, via any channel and the video or pictures will be embedded to your lil page.
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