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Team LiL
Lifeinlines or Lil is service brought to you by Onelife Knowledge Services. The Onelife team is a heady mix of a campus placement dropout, an ex white-collar professional and a bunch of high-spirited tech guys. While diverse in their backgrounds and competencies, we all share a common belief that we only live once and have to make the most of it... packing everything that we ever wanted to do in this one life. Accordingly, we aspire to touch the lives of people in meaningful and beautiful ways.

Amongst us, we have:

Ankur Gattani
Founder and Director, Onelife

The essential wanderer who was obsessed with entrepreneurship since his first year of college. Ankur spent his entire engineering at IIT Bombay and half of his management at IIM Calcutta looking for something that would make for an exciting startup. And then LiL came by. Intermittently, engaging with the campus entrepreneurship activities, he came across a lot of entrepreneurs, investors, amazing faculty members, further inspired, coming to believe that there are no mistakes in life, there are only experiences. Life feels good as a roller coaster ride and if you live through process of creating something yourself, it is one hell of a ride.
The journey of my adventures and misadventures -

Maninder Gulati
Executive Director, Onelife

Maninder on Onelife: "I was perfectly happy developing fine fragrances at ITC when Ankur came along. In total Steve jobs style, he said to me, "Do you want to sell cigarettes and fragrances all your life or do you want to take a chance at changing the world". And so began my journey at Onelife. I am not sure how will we change the world... but we sure are creating something unique and wonderful which will be become a reflection of lives of millions of people around the world. As for me, unlike Bono, I guess I have found what I was looking for!"
Walking the 'Walk of Life' -

Apex Division

Our technical team,  Apex Division, is a leading software development outfit delivering solutions in Technology, Internet, New Media and Design. As a strategic partner to Onelife,  Apex Division is committed to providing complete technology solution and support, along with the innovations in usability and features as we go along the way. A dedicated team of software engineers under the able guidance of  Apex Division CEO Mr. Nirjhareswar Banerjee works on this project to provide the competencies in latest technologies, 24x7 technical support, extensive and extended domain expertise and the widest range of IT solutions for building the best user experience on 

We thank and acknowledge:

People who've played a role in helping LiL reach where it is today - Harpreet Singh Grover, Shiv Shankar Kumar, Shaishav Kumar, Deepak Daftari and Santosh Sarraf.
Anurag Rana-For creating those beautiful "smileys" that you see on LiL.
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